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DeLorean Required For TV This Friday 6th, Ludlow. Shropshire
Urgent request for a DeLorean for the 'Tonight' show on ITV. Must be able to get to/drive around Ludlow Shropshire on Friday. For contact details please contact me via 'PM'

Can you please post the following:

ITV1's Flagship current affairs programme Tonight are hoping that a delorean owner out there might be able to help. We are making a programme about pensions due to transmit on 26th March and we have found a person in shropshire who wants to buy a delorean with part of their pension. As they are not going to be buying one just yet we'd like our presenter and potentional buyer looking around a delorean and possibly film it driving the streets? If you are happy for your Delorean to be on TV and can get it to Ludlow for midday on friday 6th March.

Thanks for your help with this Chris. We really do appreciate it.

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I believe thats sorted now Chris, car from Bristol area. Will be screened at 7.30PM on ITV 26th March.
Chris Parnham

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