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Sticking on Convex mirrors and Stainless letters
Just after peoples thoughts/experience of what to stick my new convex mirrors & bumper, stainless DeLorean letters on with.
I've 95% of a tube of Tiger Seal left over from sorting the eye-brows with. So obviously tempted to use that.
I've seen some say sticky foam, but makes/brands are everything. No two types are the same.
Thoughts/Experience? :?
Do the mirrors not come with sticky pads attached? For the S/Steel letters I use two part epoxy ad have never had an issue with them falling off!
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I've never replaced my original mirrors. Never felt the need to.

The stainless letters, on both the door sills and the back bumper though, I've used a thin smear (very thin) of black silicone sealant.
Did the trick for me. Stuck fast, all of them, but completely reverseable if persuaded to come off with a blade if I ever want to remove them again to move onto new sills or bumper.
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I put a small $3.00 "spot" mirror on my car 5 years ago when I bought it that had a adhesive pad on it. Been there ever since.

I did my letters about 3 or 4 years ago, (ordered from PJ Grady) same adhesive, same story. There is not a lot of stress on the letters, proper preparation of the plastic is key, especially if it has been dressed. I would find a roll of 3M automotive adhesive tape (2 sided) in a narrow thickness and just cut as close as possible.

If you are OCD like me, swing by your local body shop supply store and get an emblem pad. This is a flat wide piece of double sided adhesive that you can use to reapply the factory custom cut adhesive to any emblem. Just put the letter on the sticky pad and pull off, the adhesive transfers to a perfect shape of the emblem. It may take 2 or 3 pads for one DeLorean set of letters.
Cheers everyone for thoughts.

Chris Williams Wrote:Do the mirrors not come with sticky pads attached? Chris

No, £50 from DMCEuro and no stick-pads, Can you believe it? :|

Also bought some 'french' yellow tint film for headlights off ebay. Came all folded and creased in a regular envelope! People! :roll:

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