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Car back from auto electricians, few small issues/questions.
So car has come back and now everything has power and a few bits are not playing ball.

Firstly, rev counter is stuck on 3k, i know 100% it has a feed but there is just no movement, baring in mind car has been sat for about 4 5 years can it be just seized? i dont know how they work internally but im sure someone will Big Grin

Also the dash does not seem to illuminate when the lights are turned on, this could be that just the bulbs are shot, a few holders are missing does anyone know the name or connector reference for the bulb holders? i can see ed does them but at 7 euro a pop i know they must be available elsewhere cheaper.

think thats it for now!


On the rev counter, when you first put the key in and turn it to position two, does the needle drop down to zero?

Re the dash illumination, it is likely that either the rheostat is either not plugged in correctly, or is faulty:

Part number 24 on the diagram:
[Image: 3-6-2.gif]

And the wiring for the rheostat: ... 0.JPG?dl=0
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Could it be a dodgy main plug into the binnacle ? Mine acted up on Flashy at first.
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yeah any turn of the key the rev counter does not move at all, it is fixed on 3k.

Ah yes the rheostat it is there but will check if that is working, cheers guys!
The RPM relay also feeds the rev counter IIRC, I have some of the dash bulbs (second hand ones) if you want some of them, but I guess it's something else (as Mike suggested) rather than they have all failed.
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