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Forward planning, import jobs that will need attending
Rissy Wrote:I was just stating fact. I was just using you as a contrast example against the opposite end of the scale where people have a much tighter budget and have to pace themselves accordingly

I have no idea what part of taking 6 months after importing; working all weekends to get my car an MOT, then spending the next 8 years slowly improving it, is a contrast to "others" tighter budgets & pacing themselves accordingly..... :?

What part of my posts in this thread, if any, did you read Rissy :?:

My input in this thread is to help by offering constructive advice to Karl and any future Delorean owners. That's all.
VIN 4532

Darren C Wrote:I had my paint sprectrograph matched to the original left un sun bleached or aged behind the rear bezel to get it spot on. Most other colours are close but no cigar.
Could I grab the paint code for this please Darren?
VIN# 04708, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 649
ex DOC 562
Hi Mike,

The spectrograph process doesn't generate a "paint code" as such. It gives a formulation of the colour and how to mix it with tinters in the choice of paint manufacturer that the person/business are affiliated to.

This was done by my local paint factors about 8 years ago and the almost empty plain tin simply says mixed to pattern in marker pen on it. I'll ask, but I doubt they will keep records of a one off mix from 8 years ago. Obviously in hindsight I would have kept a record.

There are a few options though....

1 I take my car in again and they scan my facia's
2 If your cars not been painted behind the bezel you take the facia in to your local factors that have a spectrometer service
3 Steve in Bognor, who I met this weekend has an ex-museum car showing 2K miles that did look to me like ORIGINAL paint on both facias (get that scanned) which incidently had that satin finish, not gloss I mentioned earlier.

However you will always get UV degrading especially over 30 years, so the behind bezel where its been protected from daylight is the best OCD method.
VIN 4532


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