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Delorean for sale in Ireland
just after going up...someone might be interested. ... 12/7216640
As soon as someone enquires, can they post up the asking price please?

not my car mate.....
dave t Wrote:not my car mate.....

I presumed that Dave...

What ceases to amaze me in an advert like this is that the seller specifies no time wasters, messers or private numbers yet he can't even disclose an asking price.... That indicates to me that he is going to get plenty of them through curiosity of the asking price.

Looks a good car for the miles, but I imagine it will carry a premium because of the DMC plate included in the sale...
This car has been for sale in 2012 with that same numberplate. Same owner?
If you're gonna build a timemachine, why not do it with style !
Probably too much money then!

I can't understand why some folk are so "shy" about stating the price….its the most important bit of information !

(Flashy all bought and paid for BTW and going to its new owner shortly)
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Andy Wrote:This car has been for sale in 2012 with that same numberplate. Same owner?

Hi Andy,
Tommy the current owner bought this from a car dealer in 2012.
I havent been talking to him since last year so dont have any other info on the car.
His details are also here, seems like it's still UK Registered.

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Spoke to Tommy ....

Car is mint still on UK plates telling me €28000 (EURO) ...also the mileage on ad is incorrect actual mileage is 45K.
Hi All,

This car doesn't look too bad...I'm not too sure about the UK registered but in Ireland situation... does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing? Would I have any issues bringing it back into Britain? The price is slightly more than I'd like to pay but I've set myself a goal of finally buying a Delorean for my next birthday which is in October.

Any advise would be very much welcomed.


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No problem, drive it back and get it UK registered! Were all in the EU
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