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Anyone selling?
Hi folks, is anyone selling their pride and joy? I'm looking for a manual, not fussed about the year, or interior colour and I have a budget of around £20k give or take.
Thanks in advance,
Hi James

Are you having luck with your search?
Bingley, West Yorkshire
VIN 2493

"Hey you, get your dam hands off her"
Hi James... Good luck with your search!

It would take some kind of persuasion for any delorean owners to let their car go.

It would have to be the other side of £25k to even begin thinking about it.... Even project cars are close on 15-20k by the time they legally turn a wheel in the UK...

Seems DeLorean Ownership has become like the property ladder in the last 12 months.... If you dont do it now, it may become out of reach.... I certainly couldn't afford to buy a house, it's just as well I got my priorities wrong !


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