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P J Grady Europe : non-destructive BTTF prop kit
When discussion of BTTF conversions comes up, I often mention the P J Grady Europe kits made by Chris Nicholsson. These were fully stainless, quite accurate and to the best of my knowledge the only prop kit that required no holes drilled or modification of the existing car at all. They mount using semi-concealed brackets from existing bolt holes and can be installed or removed in under an hour. Several people have PMed me asking about these; sadly since the former maintainer of the P J Grady Europe web site left there hasn't been an online store or much news available on their site.

I discussed this and other projects with Chris during our trip to DMC Europe this week, and I can confirm that he is thinking of doing a short run of an updated kit over the winter or early next year, if there is sufficient interest. The revised design features fully welded stainless steel flux bands, rear deck, vents and reactor base. However the flux boxes and wormhole emitter are now fibreglass for reduced weight and closer match to the original prop contours. This is not a complete turnkey kit of the kind Bruce Coloumbe used to offer; rear deck detailing is left to the installer. However it is an ideal option for owners who want to keep the ability to go back to the original car and are happy to do the final touches themselves.

Chris N asked me to post these provisional details to relevant forums, but he said to stress that final pricing and availability depends on how many people sign up.

Front Flux Band : £770 / $1200 : includes stainless band with welded stainless mesh, 2 x fibreglass flux boxes (unpainted black), stainless flux box plates with bolts, stainless mounting brackets.
Rear Flux Band : £1340 / $2100 : includes 2 x rear stainless bands with welded stainless mesh, 4 x fibreglass flux boxes (unpainted black), stainless flux box plates with bolts, fibreglass wormhole emitter (unpainted black), stainless mounting brackets.
Rear Deck : £1270 / $2000 : includes stainless deck with spaceframe support structure, stainless vents with optional removal lower pieces (to uncover lights for street legality), rear hose mounting boxes in stainless, stainless bulkhead covering rear window (optional but recommended), forward crossover pipe mounting boxes in fibreglass, your choice of plutonium reactor base or Mr Fusion mounting base in stainless.

Order the full set and Chris will include 2 x stainless side cable tubes with mounting brackets. Collect from Canvey Island UK or shipping by courier at cost. Installation can be arranged at P J Grady Europe or US, but anyone who can use a socket wrench shouldn't need it.

Not included : flexible hoses, cables, HV connectors, rear deck detailing e.g. capacitors, 'pac men', green tubes, heatsinks, janitol heater, orange tube, Mr Fusion or plutonium reactor top piece / lid. You can get reproductions of these from 'Videobob', source originals from various places or make your own. Flux boxes supplied unpainted as there is some variation in preferred colour.

Please PM me if you're interested, and I'll put you on the list. There will be a deposit needed prior to production. I'd like to stress that I am not in any way affiliated with P J Grady Europe and will not be involved in payment for or design/build of this kit. I'm just helping Chris out with promoting it since he doesn't have decent Internet connectivity at the moment. I will relay any questions about the kit to Chris and post answers back here as soon as I have them. Details and photos of the original run of kits can be found here; Chris assures me that the second run will be even better.

P.S. Fibreglass front and rear fascias will also be available next year but as yet there's no pricing; still working out some details such as moulding the rear DeLorean logo. Again I can register interest and try and get a price if people want them.
A clarification on this; I misunderstood Chris when he described the rear deck. In fact only the support brackets are stainless. The main deck and vents are aluminium. The flux bands are stainless as described.

I've had a few PMs, it looks like there's enough interest for production to go ahead.
Just to confirm, this kit has been in development and final prices / availability should be announced soon. Chris has been making blueprints, fibreglass moulds and test pieces of stainless and is close to finalising the design.

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