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FOR SALE: Part #108466 Front Fascia Brackets - improved S/S
Hi all,

Several years ago I had a quantity of front fascia brackets manufactured in stainless steel complete with all stainless steel fasteners. I've been thinning out some of my parts inventory recently and thought I'd offer the handful of remaining sets here on the forum before making them available to the wider DeLorean community.

Each set consists of the following parts:

5 x 108466 (front fascia bracket, stainless steel)
5 x SP10158 (spire nut, stainless steel)

The parts are labelled 35 and 37 respectively in the diagrams below:

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-001.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-002.jpg]

The brackets are improved version of the original DeLorean Motor Company part #108466. Originals were manufactured in mild steel and prone to corrosion. These improved versions are manufactured in stainless steel to the correct, original shape. They are supplied in an unpainted stainless steel finish ready for painting or powder coating. Alternatively, they could simply be fitted to your car as-is.

The spire nuts are an improved version of the original DeLorean Motor Company part #SP10158 which is no longer available from DeLorean vendors:

These nuts are manufactured fully in stainless steel to the correct dimensions to suit the thickness of the front fascia brackets.

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-003.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-004.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-005.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-006.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-007.jpg]

[Image: delorean-108466-front-fascia-bracket-008.jpg]

The bracket set is £70.00 including postage within the UK. For shipping outside the UK, please contact me to discuss.

I have no plans to produce any more of these parts in the future so once they're gone, they're gone.

I also have a small quantity of extra spire nuts (part #SP10158) for sale on their own without the brackets. Click here for details.

Best wishes,

Phil Peters
VIN 12173 (a.k.a VIN 601)
Hi there. Any of these available?
Hi Tony,

Yes, these are still available. I'm down to my last handful of sets now. Just sent you a PM...

I also still have some of the nuts (part #SP10158) available for those who don't want to replace the whole brackets.

Best wishes,

Phil Peters
VIN 12173 (a.k.a VIN 601)

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