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HotWheels Elite series 2014, 1:18 &1:43 BTTF 2 DMC s
Looking through the various model car sites on the net, came across an interesting snippet about forthcoming HotWheels Elite models- it appears that a new 1:18 scale BTTF 2 car will be released, which features an opening Mr Fusion and 'extras'. (Possibly to compete with the success of the Sunstar 1:18 DeLorean series).
Also on the smaller 1:43 scale they are retooling the original BTTF car to BTTF 2 Mr Fusion type-no mention of any details.
November 2013 and September 2013 are the dates marked on the info 'snippet'-definitely one to watch! 8)
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i'll certainly be keeping an eye out ..!!...also have a friend in california where they get so much more choice of this type of thing so i'll i'll enlist his help as well..!!

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