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BTTF II Police car on ebay!
While searching on ebay I came across this auction for one of the original police vehicles used in BTTF II. Would have never expected to sumble over one of these.

No engine and just a prop car, but what a find for someone. Love the Hill Valley Police logo. Tongue
Mark Sutton

Importing VIN #10719.
Interesting, amazing what comes out of the woodwork! be interesting to see what this sells for.

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The steering wheel looks very DMC ish...........
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...Seats are out of one of the destroyed DMC's too it seems. Extended head rests and side bollard cushions , but the same otherwise.

Also, the police lights are missing from the roof? Not sure about the "whale tail" box thing on the top at the back either. Something missing there?
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Well the auction ended early yesterday, so someone must have made an offer off eBay. Hope it's gone to a good hone where it'll be fixed up. Who knows. Would love to know who ended up with it and how much they paid, not to mention how much it will be worth in the end.
Mark Sutton

Importing VIN #10719.

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