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BTTF Door Opening Sound
Been to a few car shows and a few people have commented that the doors don't have the mechanical electro sound like BTTF (of course it's movie magic!).

Has anyone installed a device that triggered a sound just like the movie? BFColumbo (might had spelt that wrong), sells a device around $200+ that plays several sound files, but I'm only looking at the door as an option.

Just thought I'll ask and no, I'm not building a BTTF replica. :lol:
Various companies do prop audio units that play mp3s from a flash card when triggered by a microswitch. Here is a typical one, I've seen cheaper ones that only have one input / sound possible. You'd have to hide some extra speakers somewhere if you wanted the effect to sound right outside the vehicle.
Whilst I'm still arranging the purchase/import of my DeLorean, I'm looking at putting together a simple interface for adding this to the doors as I've always loved the sound (though I'm not looking to do a full conversion).

As Starglider suggests, you can get a cheap board like and wire it up to your own amp/speaker setup. I've done similar things for a Proton Pack prop replica I made last year, so I'll keep you posted on my investigations for something lightweight and cheap for this Smile

My only issue for now is finding a good (clean) sample of the door opening sound! Oh, and getting the actual car Big Grin
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Mmm. I've wanted that for ages..... several owners, including myself, have the 'door launch' kits, push a button and one/both door will open automatically.

I've asked the vendor if they could add the opening noise to that system but they said they didn't see the demand :-(

I might not want the noise every time, but if I'm 'demonstrating' the door launch it would be a cool add-on. Personally I'd like it to remain independant of teh exsiting audio devices.


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