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BTTF Car passed MOT but need part
...Is it this you're talking about?

(I also don't think you can refer to your car as being "The" BTTF car any more. There is more than one in the UK. - Just a mention)
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May 1981 vin#1458
"LEX" aka "Wonkey" - Officially used in Britain's Greatest Machines (80's episode) with Chris Barrie.
Grey Wheels
Grooved, flapped Bonnet
Black Leather Interior
Chassis: #1073
Engine: #2839

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The rear drive shaft gaiters are not an MOT fail, but should be replaced asap to prevent dirt ingress into the CV joint. Ideally if the tear is bad, then the joint should be disassembled, the old grease cleaned out and replaced with new as grit in the joint can damage the bearings.

Quniton Hazell: QJB122

Moprod: CVK193

Ford Granada circ. 1981
Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
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I'd imagine an hour of labour would cover that work (removing driveshaft, dismantling joint(s?), cleaning, greasing and re-installing)
Vin #4087

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