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DMC Vins List For All UK & Ireland
(28 Feb 2017, 21:41)Chris Williams Wrote: New list for 1st March 2017, just the as before for everywhere excluding Ireland North & South. 322 on this list that's as accurate as I can get it, I do have a bunch of registrations that I cant x ref to VIN's so any help from Arran or Al when they check it would be helpful to all. I still think we are probably around the 350 area inc the ones I'm missing/don't know about.

Hi Chris,

VIN 16606 is located in London. 

VIN #16606 LHD, Black Interior

DOC 861

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[Image: 33193548620_da6625c18c.jpg]

This is a fascinating document, and all credit to Knut Grimsrud for
compiling it.

However, if you see your car on here, and its details are incorrect,
you can contact Knut and the record will be updated.

More pages here:

Hi Claire, this is really useful tool as I found. I saw a well priced Delorean in the US and contacted the seller. I got one of those dodgy stories about where he was in relation to the car and alarm bells rang. He had posted the VIN of the car so I had a look at the register and found the actual owner; a lovely bloke called Christian. Needless to say we had a bit of fun winding up the “seller” until he got sick of it and took his ad down!
I’ve updated this chap twice in the past 5-6yrs for the details of lex. He’s never changed anything. The car is permanently owned by the original UK owner, living at an address the PO doesn’t even live at himself these days. So I wouldn’t hold much of a candle to the information in this list in a lot of cases nowadays.
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May 1981 vin#1458
"LEX" aka "Wonkey" - Officially used in Britain's Greatest Machines (80's episode) with Chris Barrie.
Grey Wheels
Grooved, flapped Bonnet
Black Leather Interior
Chassis: #1073
Engine: #2839

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I too have sent numerous corrections in over the years and yet it remains largely unchanged. It's interesting as a 'snapshot' in time, but that's about it.
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Well i can tell you 5219 is NOT even in the US at present
- DeLoryan
VIN 5219
Oct 81, Grey interior, 
manual, grooved hood
DOC 876
Perhaps it's time to list an update. I have resisted that it's never 100% correct plus there are the usual discussions over what counts as UK cars!
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