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Child Seat in a DeLorean
I know this has been done before, as ive seen a photo of it. But does anyone know how to fit a child seat into a deloreans rear shelf (Center)?
If I remember right it was an owner from belgium who had already done this (Possibly Belgium).
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop
I also have been looking into this, I think it was Ed Uding from conversations that I have had. If you get any joy please let me know and/or then we can compare notes.
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It was Ed Uding, there were some pictures somewhere that were taken at Eurofest in 2001.
Chris Spratt

Ex owner of Vin#16327 Grey 5 Speed was FLE 371Y
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1999 Lotus Elise
Cheers. Ill send him a mail.
I do have a few questions regarding the safety aspect of this mod too, I suppose he's got this covered though.
Thanks again everyone.
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop
is there going to be a little Birksie scampering about then? Shock

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed
Oh heck, 1 Birksie is bad enough ! Shock
Hi Paul

I did use a old type maxi cosi seat, and cut the site wall away.
just the outer layer.
Than I pick up old seat belts, incl the mountings.
I did conect the lower end of the seat, with the belt to the origenal seats belts.
A save place to conect, clic the seat belt in the lock and strap it.
The top whas a diverend story, I made 2 holes in the rear ponton.
Use big rings to make it save, and bold the seat belt to the bolds.
Now you can strap it very save, and with out any risk.
Hi did love to drive with us, one problem if he sh...... in his pampers, the smell is very close to you nose.

Regards Ed Uding
No little Birksies on the way ........yet. But making some serious preparations just in case. Big Grin

Cheers for the support Nick MATE ! :wink:

Thanks for the information Ed. Im sure ill get some nice techy feedback at Eurotech regarding this mod. I dont want to do too much cutting and hacking though! Shock
So long as the mod is fully reversible, it doesnt matter. Smile
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop
If cutting and drilling is not wanted.... I guess making a bracket (rather like a roll cage) for the baby seat would be ideal?

The mounting points would be the 8 studs of the original seats....

Then no drilling is required, and if the baby grows, the whole unit can be sold to another lucky owner with a new born baby.

How does this idea sounds? 8)
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

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Outatime Wrote:How does this idea sounds? 8)

Complicated. :lol:
But an interesting idea. Alot of thought and time would be needed too. (design, testing etc)
I think for the time being, im going with Eds suggestion. Its seems the simplest and most cost effective. Unless there's a better way?
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop
hi all

now i know i'm going to sound really boring!!!!, but would fitting a seat like this actually void insurance, as the car is a 2 seater design, and technically it would have been modified for 3.


Dont be sorry Steve. Its a very valid point, and one im going to look into. Hope it doesnt mean having to amend the logbbook though. And more to the point, insurance, will this have a detrimental effect on my premiums?

It may be more bother than its worth.
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop

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