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HI. Newbie on this forum
Hi Big Grin
Been hovering aound deloreans for some time, usually at the odd car show or when visiting the NEC for the late classic car show. Having had a few changes in the last few years I am looking more closely at a delorean and having been searching this forum for a few days there does not seem to be that many dounfalls to them. I was looking for a 'warts' and all picture of the car Shock You know what does actually go wrong with them? parts cost and availibility. That sort of thing. I'm based in Bedfordshire, any one know any local owners that I can go and have a chat with or shows during the summer that cars would be attending?
Thanks for reading.
Hi Joe, welcome to the DOC-UK!! Big Grin

There are lots of us on here who will be more then happy to talk all things
DeLorean with you, explain the pitfalls and what can (and often does) go
wrong with them, etc, etc.

There are quite a few cars in the 'home counties' - whereabouts in Bedfordshire
are you?

If you're free in 3 weeks, and fancy a trip out, we've got our summer get-together
in Shropshire, and you are more then welcome to come along - you dont need
to own a DeLorean to come and join the fun, and we'd be more then happy
to show you round the cars and take you out for a ride in one.

Keep an eye on the events listings for shows near you - I think we're planning
on attending the Retro Cars meet at Santa Pod in July - I for one will be hoping
to better my time down the 1/4 mile strip 8)

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions, we're here to help and advise - are you
thinking of importing from the US or buying a car in the UK?
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
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Welcome to the forum, as Claire mentioned there are a few cars not to far from you including mine. Depending on where you are in Beds!
There are always plenty of shows in the 'show' section, including the main meeting in June over in Chirk that you would be more than welcome to visit. Any questions please ask Big Grin

Membership Secretary DOC UK
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