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Live Cam
I'll be testing the live cam page today whilst with family. Not DeLorean realted, but we'll see how we go with just a laptop, webcam and a 3 wireless broadband dongle.
Can't imagine the results are going to be fantastic as the upstream bandwidth on these things is not great. Downstream isn't that mech better!
Events that have a nearby wireless connection would be ideal, but we'll be out in the countryside so we'll see what happens.

Anyway, I'll hope to go live today sometime today. Should be around 3:30ish. Just waiting for a dosey deliveryman to pick a parcel up, then we're off out to Clumber Park. Smile

Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop
Sorry mate, missed it!

Membership Secretary DOC UK
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VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
Don't worry mate. Didn't flippin work did it?
I didn't realise we were that far away from civilization that there were no phone signals AT ALL.
No Vodafone, or 3 network. In fact, it did'nt even say 'Emergency Use Only' Sad

Don't break down near Clumber Park. If you're screwed! Big Grin
Paul Birks - DOC5 - Worksop

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