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Disconnecting Parking Brake Cables
Having a little difficulty removing these today. What is the way to go about it in case I am doing it wrong?

I thought removing nut 9 on this diagram and slacking off the large nuts on the cables would release the cables but they won't come off the caliper.

Maybe I just need some brute force and ignorance, I just don't want to wreck anything
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No, that is correct how your doing it, probably they are just worn to fit the hole. Be careful tightening the nuts back on though as the thread breaks very easily (dont ask me how I know :roll: )
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Same as Chris really just back the large nuts back along the cable and wiggle the cable free maybe its rusted to the bracket at that point ... WD40 maybe

Obviously your hand brake is off bud ....
Just need a bit of brute force and ignorance then. Better crack open a can of spinich. A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!

Best popeye laugh I could type.

Yes bozzy the handbrake is off. There is slack in the cable but it won't come off the caliper.
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VIN 2456, 2835
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give it a good spray up and leave for a while should be ok after that TT
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After a soak in WD40, I got a friend to hold a block of wood on top of the caliper to stop the play while I battered the bottom of the bolt. Sorted it right out. The body is 3 blocks high now. I had a near miss with a forgotten pipe clamp breaking and near putting my eye out. Watching the football now will go back to it later. Cheers
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VIN 2456, 2835
DOC 621
Good luck with getting the body off Big Grin Post some pics up later if you can.
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