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Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak
I have had a leak of transmission fluid for a long time now (never had to top it up though?) but as its in the garage on Wednesday for an MOT re-test and oil change i was going to get this area looked at too.

I assume i should get a new gasket and get it fitted. Can these be sourced locally? What do i need please.

Vin No :- 6042
DOC:- 466
you might find on a reanult or ed uding or chris n might have some in stock i know ed has i seen them when i was looking though his stock :wink:
Hiya Paul

If you have a leak it could be from a number of places.

Perhaps if you give the sump a good clean and around where the dip stick goes into this you can work out exactly where this leak is .

Im assuming you know its the red auto transmission fluid and not the 'yellowy' final drive oil ?

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