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automotic gear computer
hi all

well this is a ongoing subject between a few d freinds can anyone help ! advise

i still having problmes makeing herman change gear manul through the 1 2 3 stage but when you put it in drive it goes like the clappers thanks to niks fune adjustment and Rich stedy hand in the solder bord but the time has come to strt putting it right as it still has the revirse lights staying on and i want to clear all the faults i spoke to ed and they can repair it for me but will this clear the fault as Rich done a good job makeing it work as it is know

and no martin i don,t want a turbo charge back to the future 88 vale injection car ( only jokeing mate )

any ideas how i should look at this project
buy exchange unit from ed uding,
fit it
send old unit back

job done


Beat me too it ....and all for 125 euros, hardly worth messing with for that.
nice one guys as from talking to nick about this about four hundred time this month i think i will do that as my car going to chris n ( pj grady ) for the re valet and getting my doors to work apart from nick doing my rewinds ( hint hint ) Big Grin Smile
very subtle hint glenn....

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