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FORUM TRANSFER 18 NOV 2006 14:30 - 19:00
To all,

With the recent downtime of the current ISP it has been decided that the harmonisation between the current forum hosting and the will be rapidly brought forward (, as noted in the AGM at the NEC)

The transfer will be done this afternoon from 14:30 and should be active before 19:00 if all the export/ reimport SQL data transfer goes to hand.

The majority of the work has been done in conjunction with myself and Tristan last night and this morning to minimise disruption with this hopefully seamless transfer.

The new forum will work in the same way as before.

ALL data will be transferred which is why this forum will be locked/ closed down during this short interim.

Once the forum is back up please let us know if something has been missed using the Forum Error Reporting Forum or email me at (this email will be active for 2 weeks after this post has been posted)

Please be constructive in your errors giving as much detail as possible.

Once this is up and working we would be grateful if you could update any links in your favourites or personal web sites to reflect this change.

Thank-you in advance for being patient.

Working with Tristan I have now reinstalled the forum to the domain

web site:

All of the databases have been exported converted and reimported to this new domain (snapshot taken at 14:30).

All images, avatars styles graphics have been ported across.
The style has been tweaked to blend in with the current web site as per the AGM.

Forum functionality is the same as before.

Performance tests have been on par pre-old host issues.

If there are any problems please put them in the correct forum:

The old forum hosting is disabled but re-directs to this forum have been added so please update your internet explorer favourites to reflect this.
The redirects will be active for APPROX 2 weeks.


Time for a beer..... 8)


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