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Insurance for younger drivers - Dan6457 - 19 Sep 2007

Hi everyone. Ive joined this forum becuase I'm very interested in the delorean and would like to buy one in the near future. The question is, i'm only 21 and I can't find anyone that will insure me. :? Does anyone know any companys that will insure me for somthing that wont break the bank too much? I have 3 years no-claims, 4 years licence held, no accidents to report. Shock

- PJ Grady (Europe) - 19 Sep 2007

Hello Dan,

I suspect most classic car policies (which are by far the cheapest) will only want drivers over 25.
Your best bet is to try the main classic policies first to see if anyine would take you on - names like AON, Sureterm, Adrian Flux and Footman James are all worth a go.
Steer clear of the traditional insurers like Admiral (Elephant), etc - as they aren't trying to attract this kind of business - so their premiums are ridiculous.

Good luck!


- Dan6457 - 19 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply. I had a look on Sureterm's site just now and it says there they insure anyone over 17 Smile Ill have to give them a ring. The annoying thing is my current car is much faster than a delorean and insureance is no problem at all.

- MikeH - 19 Sep 2007

expect it to be very high untill you have a few years ncb and abit older

- Dan6457 - 19 Sep 2007

Adrian Flux gave me a quote online for 1100 Shock :o However that was just me on the policy. With my current insurers I added my parents and they bought the premium right down, problem is they don't have Deloreans listed! but hopefully when I call Sureterm and add a few 'old' drivers :wink: it should be reasonable. Cheers for the suggestions.

- Guinney1971 - 19 Sep 2007

as a general 'rule of thumb', insurance companies do reduce premiums if additional drivers are added.

The insurance on the Avantime came down by over £40 when I was added to the policy as a second driver Big Grin

- Tourettes Tony - 19 Sep 2007

where are you in essex Dan? cheers tony TT

- Dan6457 - 20 Sep 2007

Nearish Braintree :roll:

- Tourettes Tony - 20 Sep 2007

Near kelvin, hes in witham TT

- Dan6457 - 20 Sep 2007

Blimey thats just up the road. Ive never seen a delorean around here Smile Shock

- Tourettes Tony - 20 Sep 2007

yeah he only takes it out a few times a month :lol: TT i may be up his the weekend il let you know

- Dan6457 - 09 Oct 2007

Well I finnaly got round to getting some quotes. Sureterm and Diamond both say over 25s on deloreans as do the normal companies. :evil:

This is stupid becuase my current car is group 18 and I can insure that no trouble. Sad

- dmckelv12 - 11 Oct 2007

Hi Dan, if you fancy meeting up around Witham or Braintree area, gis a shout.

- Dan6457 - 12 Oct 2007

Big Grin Might have to do that somtime. What D have you got?

I got another quote from adrian flux which was much better by putting some named drivers on, but they are the only company ive found that will quote me! Is it just because the D is so rare? In my opinion i'm less likely to crash a D than anything else becuase i'll be taking extra care of it...

- PJ Grady (Europe) - 12 Oct 2007

Sadly it's nothing to do with the value of the car - or how rare they think it is.
It just happens that these are classic car policies - and they're not trying to win business from younger drivers - so they bump the price up to discourage you (and if they win the business - they make lots of profit).

In reality, insuring a DeLorean shouldn't cost much more than any other daily driver - except that almost all other insurers don't have them listed - and when pushed, they think of a number and double it.

Keep trying though....