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hot water to matrix - Tourettes Tony - 13 Sep 2007

i have a problem with my heater selector, when i start the car the valve closes, which is correct, but it wont open on any other settings either, so i know its not the vacuum cos it stays shut. I wouldnt worry if i only used it in the summer but i use my car all year round so need heat for my poor old body :lol: any idea's thanks tony TT

- Bandit - 18 Sep 2007

Hi Tony
I had similar issue with mine, it was basically just all 'gobbed' up inside so the butterfly would not open. All it can really be is either that or the diapragm burst. I replaced mine from DMC Texas, bout £20.00 ish from memory.

- Chris Williams - 18 Sep 2007

You could try a hot water bottle mate :lol:
Or better still check the vacume connections on the back of the selector valve are all going to the right place, none ar kinked or off

- Tourettes Tony - 18 Sep 2007

i had a look and the valve is opening so it has to be the rubber thing in the selector, i did take it out and clean it about 2 years ago when i was restoring the car, so i will order another, thanks lads Tony TT