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u s a number plates - dmcdj - 17 Jul 2006

hi all

does anyone have any contacts for getting your number plates made in metal please Shock

- bozzzydmc - 17 Jul 2006

Try 'States Plates' they are in Lincoln

01526 344460 leave a message and they will send you out some nice leaflets.

Thanks to Phil Peters for putting me on to them

- Chris Williams - 18 Jul 2006

Yep, States Plates are the ones to use. A bit of a strange company to deal with (you can never actually speak to anyone)! However they do a very good job at a reasonable price. (thanks to Stuart for putting me on to them) :roll:

- dmcdj - 18 Jul 2006

i will just do that i left a message today and hopefully they send me a book or from to fill in Big Grin

- Emagine - 19 Jul 2006

Yep States plates is the best to go to.

Check out my Delorean page for examples on my car

- MikeH - 19 Jul 2006

are they legal to drive with?

- Emagine - 19 Jul 2006

Well thats an interesting subject really.

We have States plates on quite a few of our cars at home here. All American and have been pulled on it about 3 times in 10 years.

If I can pull out the paper work I'll post it on here, but there is a law which states that if you cannot fit a UK number plate to you car then you ARE allowed to fit a number plate from the cars country of origin as long as it has a UK registration number.

Never had any issues with police or MOT stations with our cars anyway.

Like I say leave it with me and I'll find it

- MikeH - 19 Jul 2006

cool thanks. when i get my d i would like to have usa style plates as they just look much better on a D

- MikeH - 28 Jul 2006

any updates on this?


- Emagine - 05 Sep 2006

Finally found the bit I was looking for.

Its from he DVLA website. I quote:

"All number plates must meet standard size for lettering and style (with the exception of imported cars that were not designed for UK plates and have a functional reason for not using standard size plates). Certain imported vehicles may be permitted to display number plates with smaller characters if: The vehicle does not have European Community Whole Type Approval AND the vehicle’s construction/design cannot accommodate standard size number plates".

That makes a big loop hole for us to use bike sized lettering and smaller number plates on our cars and they can be "states plates" type too

just found another new company that are beginning to make US plates here too

- MikeH - 05 Sep 2006

sweet thanks

- stunned_monkey - 05 Sep 2006

Hmmmmm....... £30 per set as an introductory offer - of get a set of ours for £25 :-D

(ours are standard UK style plates but with the writing on the rear designed to fit the hole properly, unlike bike plates which always end up with the top and bottom chopped off).

Nobody to my kowledge has ever been stopped because of our plates.

Parts --> Frame and body

- Rottbott - 05 Sep 2006

I'd get a rear plate from DMCL, but can you get them without the paperwork?

- Emagine - 05 Sep 2006

ahhhhh of course Martins ones are totally legal and spot on.

I was just pointing out that if you wanted a "show" plate that was pressed alumium like the ones in America you now have the choice of states plates and now craigs plates.

I have to say I have states plates on a few cars now and have only been pulled once on them. And that was because the police officer thought it was an American Reg. no. When I told him it was a UK No. he seemed a bit embarrassed and let me go on my merry way

- MikeH - 05 Sep 2006

i must admit the states plates look much nicer on teh car, altho martins would be better to avoid getting pulled, lol. Itd be a hard choice tbh