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Restoration section - Chris Hawes - 30 May 2007

I am not aware of any major restorations on the list so far but most owners work on their cars (or have vendors/others) work on their car.

I have just seen the Presentation section on the French forum:-

The above encourages owners to show their car (we could list the vin) and as the car evolves with the owner they can log what they have been doing with photos. Would make a great article for the magazine too each issue to follow different owers with different cars.

So, how about it. We could list:-
vin 5255 Oct 81 grey 5-speed owned by Chris Hawes
would contain pictures of the car, mods and to do list etc.

This will take time, but would grow just like the forum has... what do you all think?

- Tourettes Tony - 30 May 2007

yeah chris its ok but i cant read it :lol: TT