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Ashtray Blank cover - lordivanhoe - 14 Feb 2022

Hi All;

I have a mate nearby who does 3D printed parts.  He lists as '3DCadTech' on the interweb and does lots of Land Rover bits.
Anyway, as I don't smoke and potentially want to run extra wires through my centre tunnel; AND maybe mount extra switches, I gave him my ashtray and after a couple of fettling goes, he printed out a blanking plate for me.
I'm dead chuffed, the original ashtray will go into storage with all my other original bits, and now I have something I can cut and modify with carefree abandon!  And it looks neat anyway.
If anyone else wants one, he reckons he could retail them at 12.99 plus £2.60 p&p.
Not as sophisticated as the flock-lined trays available on DGo, but much cheaper!
I'll happily put anyone in touch who wants one (and can't find him online).
Now for the difficult bit, I'll try to upload a photo of mine 'in situ'...