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Hi - Dave - 10 May 2020

Hi there, I’m new to the club. Hoping to buy a Delorean later this year if the right one is out there. Have been enjoying the magazine and will look forward to meeting some of you at some point when things return to normal. Cheers, Dave

RE: Hi - theningiachicken - 11 May 2020

Welcome dave hopefully you can get one thats right for you, im going to start my search fo a project car towards the end of the year. Also we should hopefully get the chance for a club gathering after lockdown for a good catch up.

RE: Hi - DMC1983 - 11 May 2020

Welcome from owner of 5219

My advice is seriously consider importing from the states. Its a fairly easy process now. 

Stop sleeping, take the red pill and live the dream today  Big Grin

RE: Hi - er1c - 12 May 2020


Driving to Sainsburys will never be the same again I promise you Wink

RE: Hi - Guinney1971 - 12 May 2020

Welcome from long suffering custodian of #2292  Big Grin

I bought mine as a project from the USA in 2002, its been off the road since Sept 2016, but she'll ride again someday.