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Resto of 5222 - steve.s - 16 Feb 2020

Hi All

my resto of 52222 continues and i will post some pics.

if you guys decide to paint strip a Delorean, be prepared for a very long job.

my car generally has 3 layers of paint, i am using Frosts aircraft grade stripper gel.

liberally 'paint' it on, cover with clingfilm, leave for ten minutes, and i little bit of one layer comes off!. using phone cards as scrapers!.

and the bottom coat, that stuff i think was used to protect the shuttle on re-entry. it is sooo hard to shift.

now i know the door and rear panel had a little damage. Chris N seems to think it unlikely he can repair the door.

rear panel not sure yet. however a major setback this weekend....looks like the drivers front wing had damage. i am not quite sure of the extent. i am stripping it and underneath the 'undercoat' i am finding a grey i think spray filler. covers about 1/4 of wing near front. the paint stripper seems to soften it a little and it shaves off a tiny bit at a time.

i hope Chris can do something with it as i know thisĀ  panel is NLA.

on a positive, frame looks good as do most suspension. even brakes and handbrake work. Alloy wheels now refurbished and new tyres, but i am going to wait until all paint stripping done before i fit them. Current wheels are spoked and have central spinners... i hope hubs have not been modified.

Engine stripped down to the VOD. about to paint it, and have had intake soda blasted. Not sure PO was doing but everything electric has been disconnected. Even the heaterbox actuators are hanging loose!.

no water in car either... i have yet to investigate but i suspect the heater matrix is shot.

anyway will sort some pics.

Vin 5222 (in many parts)

Resto of 5222 - acmetowers - 16 Feb 2020

I've been using peelaway 7 to remove the paint from mine. Works very well. One coat wrapped and left for two days all six or so coats come off in one go with a window scraper. It's been taking me about an hour per panel to strip.

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RE: Resto of 5222 - Guinney1971 - 21 Feb 2020

great work Steve, looking forward to seeing some pics - I've seen a few on Facebook, but be great to have a detailed write up on here for the non FB users.
Any chance of a write up and photos for the next mag?