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Door Struts - Stuart Rees - 28 Mar 2019

Hi all, Does anyone have the Special T Auto door struts 'on the shelf' and willing to sell?

My hood and louvre struts are from John hervey and I've found them to be very good.


RE: Door Struts - TristanC - 28 Mar 2019

If you don’t find any Stu,
I have the DGo louvre struts and they are good. And the hood came with new DeLorean Europe struts, also good.

Next time I see you, take a look and you can decide. If you haven’t managed to find the special t ones.


RE: Door Struts - Stuart Rees - 29 Mar 2019

Thanks Tris, Aiming to get the car on the road early April and meet up at the White Hart on Good Friday.


RE: Door Struts - TristanC - 29 Mar 2019

Looking forward to it Smile