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Rear hub wanted - Reinsch - 08 Mar 2019

I'm in need for rear hub as mine has damaged splines.
I only need part of hub with studs, important part are splines - they need to be in very good condition.
Photo for reference :
[Image: 5r3o9LQdCi3bvUp4pMQ--bK9USoWK1aJm7tYgUmJ...98-h973-no]
If you look carefully, left one has damaged splines, right one is perfect. I'm looking for one like the one on the right. They can be corroded, not a problem.

RE: Rear hub wanted - Chris Williams - 09 Mar 2019

Might be worth a message to Steve (Scatman) I know we did a hub/carrier swap on his car. I also know he has some bits but I cant remember what!

RE: Rear hub wanted - Reinsch - 18 Mar 2019

Hi Chris, thanks for tip!
Can you confirm his exact nick? I can't find anybody with nick Scatman

RE: Rear hub wanted - Guinney1971 - 19 Mar 2019

Its Steve Pellegrini, he's on Facebook if you cant find him on here Marek.

RE: Rear hub wanted - Chris Williams - 22 Mar 2019