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Re sizing pics - Dave M - 08 Oct 2018

I've started a thread regarding my purchase of the done deal Delorean but I am struggling to add the pics due to sizing - I'm using an I pad and I phone - can someone explain how I do it - many thanks

RE: Re sizing pics - Chris P - 08 Oct 2018

You and me both Dave...not exactly user friendly us non-techy's.

RE: Re sizing pics - Rissy - 08 Oct 2018

I think it's best to use a PC to post pictures on the forum.  You have more control over the sizes of them.

A simple method is to use Microsoft Paint, or another Photograph editing capable program to get the file size down to 500kbytes or less (That's 1/2 a Mb to most people).  You can do this by making sure it's of a less memory intensive file format, like a .PNG.  You can still use .JPG or .BMP but the physical size of these formats would have to be significantly smaller by comparison to the likes of a .PNG.

I'll use MS Paint as an example, since anyone using a PC will have access to that program.

- Open your picture.
- Save as (new file name).PNG.
- Assess size of this new file by hovering over it with your mouse, or right clicking on it and looking at the properties of the file.

At this point, if it says the file is less that 500kbytes (0.5Mbs), then you can go ahead and attach it to the forum now.

If not, do the following:

- Reopen your new .PNG photo file with MS Paint.
- Click on "Resize"
- On the Popup window, ensure the tick box called "Maintain aspect ratio" is selected and make sure the "percentage" button is selected too.
- Both Horizontal and Vertical boxes should have "100" written within them.  Pick one and reduce this "100" to a smaller number.  Half the size obvioulsy being "50" instead of "100".  I recommend picking the Horizontal one to change.  Due to the "Maintain aspect ratio" option being selected, the vertical will also change automatically.
- Now press "OK" and you'll see your photo has been reduced in size (by 50% if you chose "50" instead of "100")
- Save and assess again.

Keep doing this until the file size is acceptable for the forum to accept (LESS THAN 500kbytes "KB")

RE: Re sizing pics - MrToast - 09 Oct 2018

Best to resize on a pc or upload the images elsewhere and link to them here.

Alternatively, this forum could be adjusted to allow larger size images.

It’s usually quite easy to do. Maybe there was a reason it’s set to such a small size?

I work in IT and have administered many website and forums. I can help change the forum settings if the team are unsure how to go about it and are open to changing that setting.

RE: Re sizing pics - Rissy - 10 Oct 2018

It probably comes down to cost of server space. More photos or bigger photos means more required storage to contain them. Maybe it's a case that more space equals more money to sit the website on the net. More money would then mean higher DOC membership costs for everyone. I'm just guessing though. The website is in the hands of others.

RE: Re sizing pics - MrToast - 10 Oct 2018

Fair enough. If any help is needed I don’t mind chipping in!

RE: Re sizing pics - Chris P - 10 Oct 2018

I must admit I'm not too happy with the present set up.

Its not as if we are 'overburdened ' with posts......more activity would be my opinion.

RE: Re sizing pics - Rissy - 10 Oct 2018

I agree actually. It's just that I can understand why its the way it is right now. So i just figured out what i had to do to get along.

RE: Re sizing pics - MrToast - 10 Oct 2018

Some hosts offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth. It’s hard to compare without knowing what the current package is. But this may have all been checked before, I’m fairly new to the club so don’t know all the ins and outs. :-)

RE: Re sizing pics - Rissy - 10 Oct 2018

I'm not in a position of knowledge on this subject either. It would be for "a.another" to answer.

RE: Re sizing pics - Dave M - 10 Oct 2018

Well I managed adding a couple of pics on my done deal Delorean thread but it was hard work - I used an app called lunapic- probably an easier way - never a problem on the eurotec site

RE: Re sizing pics - Chris Williams - 11 Oct 2018

Quote:I'm not in a position of knowledge on this subject either. It would be for "a.another" to answer.
This all down to Rich H, nothing to do with me.
I'm happy with whatever.

RE: Re sizing pics - Guinney1971 - 16 Oct 2018

Agreed, this is something that we can discuss with Rich H at the AGM at the NEC as he is the Forum Administrator Wink