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2 ‘81s for sale - TristanC - 01 May 2018

There’s 2 for sale here (the site was part of my daily search when I was in the market)
Both ‘81s, both grey interior. 
One is manual one Auto. 
The manual is keenly priced and is in KMs.....

I spoke to the chap with the £37k manual and he had a buyer about a month ago from Germany..... I can only assume the sale fell through.

The auto I’ve seen for sale before, but now seems to be on the market again.

RE: 2 ‘81s for sale - Chris Williams - 01 May 2018

Flux was up in the Shetlands last time I had it, was for sale: clearly had a long journey south.
PRU was/is Neville Young?

RE: 2 ‘81s for sale - TristanC - 01 May 2018

That’s right, it was Neville I spoke to. He still has her by the looks of things.

Still has the original tyres though....