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Wanted: Anti-roll bar - stunned_monkey - 22 Jan 2018

Hi All, has anyone got an anti-roll bar going spare? The shipping on this will probably be a bit painful from Houston!

Thanks in advance

RE: Wanted: Anti-roll bar - Chris P - 22 Jan 2018

Front or Rear?

Only kidding Martin..sorry no.

RE: Wanted: Anti-roll bar - Rissy - 22 Jan 2018

Investigation required of course, as still coming from Europe, but perhaps buy from Ed? Might work out cheaper?

Or of course there's Dave H...?

RE: Wanted: Anti-roll bar - stunned_monkey - 24 Jan 2018

Thanks for the replies. I need some other stuff that I don't want to buy from Ed as he has a habit of substituting cheaper easily-available generic stuff (in this case a throttle cable assy) for the same price.

Some of his stuff is great, but generally I go to DMC. I don't find it slower or more expensive.

Found a secondhand one at DPNW