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Severn Princess - Matt Clark - 08 Jul 2015

Some of you may remember this page from waaaaaay back in the early days of the internet - a former car ferry called the Severn Princess was used to dump the body panel tooling/dies into the ocean after they were sold for scrap:

I was at that DeLorean gallery installation the other week and it mentioned that the Severn Princess was being kept in Chepstow, which is on my drive home, so we went to find it (which was easy enough, it's pretty big).

[Image: AbBxhnX.jpg]
[Image: Ictx7f2.jpg]
[Image: YJgIF73.jpg]
[Image: Ictx7f2.jpg]

...not really anything interesting to say about it, but neat to see, and funny how it feels like you can be anywhere in the UK and there's always something DeLorean-related around. I know some people think that the dumping of the tooling was part of the "kill DMC" conspiracy, but it did mean very little chance of the company being started again because of the huge financial cost of those panel moulds.

Re: Severn Princess - Chris P - 09 Jul 2015

The 'dumping of the tooling' is all in the book. it should simply be seen as what it was. Lapple, selling off now useless huge heavy lumps of metal to get a bit of money back after DMCL went bust.

Re: Severn Princess - Guinney1971 - 23 Jul 2015

funnily enough, I was chatting to a guy who lives in Dunmurry on one of the car forums I'm go on
on Facebook earlier.

His dad worked at DMC, and was responsible for lowering the body tubs onto the chassis,

Has a few tales to tell from all accounts, including a load of workers getting p155ed one night
and racing 7 DeLoreans round the test track.............