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Insurance 2015 - MIKE1979 - 19 Jun 2015

Hi All,

Looking through all the last threads with regards to insurance I havn't seen anything mentioned for a while.

Who are most DeLorean owners using now?

How do prices compare?

Any input would be great,

All the best,

Re: Insurance 2015 - Chris Williams - 19 Jun 2015

Whoevers the cheapest :oops: Like all insurance it varies from company to company depending on so many factors. Best to just ring around a load and get the best price that suits. Though the three that give discounts to DOC members still seem to be very keen.
Adrian Flux/Hegerty/RH Specialist Insurance.

Re: Insurance 2015 - JamesRGUK - 21 Jun 2015

Peter Best Insurance Services 'PBIS'

A true classic car insurer set up by a classic car enthusiast, and their policies are underwritten by decent underwriters such as Hiscox.

I've got to know Peter through other work over the past few months and wanted to put some business his way, when my car came up for renewal just last week I dropped him a line (DeLorean owners should contact Richard Tague at PBIS tel. 01376 570575)

The quote came through and it was over £100 cheaper than Adrian Flux, and things like agreed valuation were not charged separately, the price was the cherry on the cake as I wanted to use them for the service not so much the price

Ask for Richard Tague tel. 01376 570575 he'll look after you and I'd very much appreciate it if you mention my name. I know Peter a Best personally and having met a number of his classic car owning clients at their annual gala dinner I got to hear first hand about the service.

I have no hesitation in recommending them, there may be cheaper options, but if/when crap happens it's nice to deal with a decent setup.

(Despite the glowing report above I have no affiliation with PIBS)


Re: Insurance 2015 - Chris Williams - 22 Jun 2015

Good to know, cheers James.

Re: Insurance 2015 - Chris P - 22 Jun 2015

I will be giving them a call this week.

Re: Insurance 2015 - MIKE1979 - 22 Jun 2015

Thanks for your input James, interesting to know who people are using.

All the best,

Re: Insurance 2015 - Chris P - 23 Jun 2015

After a morning on the phone…..I ended up at Adrian Flux who did a good multi-deal. for both cars.