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RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Chris P - 12 Jun 2023

Personally I wouldn't touch a 'Turbo" car......the best way to wreck a Delorean is to stick a turbo on it. Ive still got "frenchys" old engine in my garage .....if anyone wants it?

RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Chris Williams - 12 Jul 2023

Probably the cheapest project car for 2 years: at $26,500 no chassis pics however which is unusual.
Correction chassis pics now added and are not bad

RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Chris P - 16 Jul 2023

I think it's OK...yes nasty front wing, I'm sure that can be repaired, bits missing off engine, and probably got internal problems.....(ive got some spares), chassis looks good to me, lots of work and money to spend ....but OK at the price.
its an Auto, which is not everyones cup of tea....needs wheels..but they could wait...

If you are on a very tight budget and VERY handy with could be a good buy. If you are thinking of paying someone else to do the repair work......forget it. ........Just my opinion..

RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Guinney1971 - 16 Jul 2023

agreed Chris.

Chris Nicholson would be able to sort the bodywork, he repaired my NSF wing
which had a hole in it as well as numerous dents.

Chassis is tatty in places, but doesn't look rotten in the pics, the interior is shot due
to sun damage and it needs new seat covers. The fascia's need painting, rear lights
want sorting, those wheels......... and yes the engine will need a good sorting out -
the state of that coolant bottle!

But, for a competent DIYer, that isn't a bad project - although its shocking how much
they cost now, when I think I paid $4500 for Flopsy 21 years ago - and I remember
you telling me there was no money in project cars, as then really good ones were just
about nudging £15k then!

If only I had a time machine to go back and buy a load of cheap DeLoreans and store
them somewhere.............

RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Chris Williams - 14 Sep 2023

Been a gap but this ones up at $37,500:

RE: Project Cars @ BHCC - Chris Williams - 11 Oct 2023

Nice clean car for $39,500