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Seat belt wanted - Deloreanyorkshire - 12 Mar 2015

I'm in urgent need of a drivers side seat belt. Any one know where I can get one. More to the point how do I fit the dam thing Big Grin

Re: Seat belt wanted - Chris Williams - 12 Mar 2015

I got a NOS one from Dave Howarth a good few years ago, may be worth a 'quick' call? To fit, you need to remove the interior speaker cover/trim I'm afraid carefully starting with the area around the door frame.

Re: Seat belt wanted - MikeWard - 13 Mar 2015

Mike, I'll take a couple of pictures for you at the weekend which should assist you in removing the panel. As Chris mentioned, it requires extreme care.

Re: Seat belt wanted - Deloreanyorkshire - 13 Mar 2015

Thanks Guys.

Mike, the pics would be a great help. Thanks

Re: Seat belt wanted - Rissy - 13 Mar 2015

My vinyl was is such a bad and brittle way, I sliced it off with a Stanley knife (other manufacturers knives are available from well known retailers).

I then used black silicone sealant to replace the cut-off stuff. (Still looking for a better solution)

But it doesn't look to bad actually, especially once your inner door seal is put back on.

Re: Seat belt wanted - MikeWard - 13 Mar 2015

Mike, will send you the pic's tomorrow afternoon, drop me a pm with your number and I'll send them straight to you.

Rissy Wrote:(Still looking for a better solution)
Lee Pattison can recover them for you - and his work is absolutely top notch.

Re: Seat belt wanted - Rissy - 13 Mar 2015

Can Lee do vac-forming? Cause that's what these panels need. It seems to be an art that no-one does any more or simply don't have the kit to do any more...

Re: Seat belt wanted - MikeWard - 13 Mar 2015

He would repair and recover your existing panels.

However from a recent discussion I had with Dave H, I believe Lee is looking to re-manufacture the side trim panels from fibre glass, if so there is the potential for 'new' panels to become available.

Re: Seat belt wanted - Rissy - 13 Mar 2015

Although I'm not overly familiar with the business model value for remanufacturing the 3/4 side inner side panels, I would have thought there would be more value in getting set up for the vac-forming capability for recovering customers original panels rather than completely new ones...?

I might be wrong, but I would consider that most people already have the panels for their car, and they are in a perfectly workable condition, except for the condition of the vinyl which covers them and overlaps for wrapping over the body tub?

I don't see the sense in remanufacturing something which is made of plastic and is not in a position where it's exposed to any constant wear and tear damage (except for the overlap of course). If anyone wants to make a quick buck, getting your hands on a large vac-forming piece of kit and then acquiring the correct type of vinyl, I would say, is the way to go. I'm sure there would be a queue of people all wanting nice new vinyl on their panels...which would cost less to do and cost less to have done for everyone and therefore be of greater value in the business model...? I'd have thought?