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Who owns RCS 720X? - Matt Clark - 12 Jan 2015

I got a bunch of clippings the other day of various car ads in the 90s - can't make out the plate on the other but I'm sure I've seen RCS 720X on these forums - this must have been when they were first imported!

Bit of history for it's current owner...

Re: Who owns RCS 720X? - Dangermouse - 12 Jan 2015

I think RCS 720X was on 11175, exported to Belgium in 2009 from Glasgow. It was/is the manual 1982

The other car looks like UEU 366W but the RAC doesn't show a car with that plate. I have seen GEU 366W on a D - does it look like that plate on the original print? It is a auto , so it must be the 1981 car.

What was the date of the ad, Matt?

Re: Who owns RCS 720X? - Matt Clark - 12 Jan 2015

June 7th, 1991. I would have been 7 years old, oof.

Re: Who owns RCS 720X? - Andy - 13 Jan 2015

I can confirm that VIN#11175 still is driving around in Belgium (grey interior, manual transmission) ...

This was the DeLorean that crashed on the testtrack at Eurofest 2001 ; it's good and running again as you can see in the pictures and the owner isn't afraid to put a few miles on his car. He also still has the original registrationplate 'RCS 720X' hanging in his garage ...