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Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 02 Jun 2015

Chris P Wrote:One of the few area's i'm afraid of……still got the scars to prove my early attempts!
It bit me a few times, but only lacerations down to the bone, no major arteries and not life threatening... that stainless is like a barber's comb. Others had said about taping up the door apertures to protect life and limb, but I thought 'nah, seems a lot of hassle' and didn't bother.

Re: VIN #5124 - Rissy - 02 Jun 2015

I used a file and took the edge of all the burs. Same amount of time to do as using tape, but lasts forever.

Re: VIN #5124 - bjbrownie - 02 Jun 2015

Found this picture in my DeLorean archives of 'Ol Stainless-R.C. must have done quite a few doors in his time at DMCL

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 04 Jun 2015

Took the old girl into a local specialist with a good reputation for working on Deloreans. He has one in for an LPG conversion at present, is a Volvo certified technician, and has worked on the Scottish area rep's RHD D. So I felt it was in safe hands. The car has never really ran properly during our ownership, always a misfire at idle that seems to clear as the revs increase. I was thinking and hoping it might just be a sticking injector...

Anyway, the guy seems to know these engines back to front, so we had asked him to do a full 48k mile service, replace the (leaking) water pump (and clean the chuffing Radweld out... why ever put that crap in a car, especially one as complex as a Delorean... grrr), and clean all the injectors. So far so good.

Report came back today - 5 out of 6 injectors are basically toast, despite stripping and ultrasonic cleaning, and cylinder 5 has very low compression. He reset the tappets, which were a little out, but it made virtually no difference to cylinder 5. Meh. So it looks like it's either a damaged/non sealing valve (hopefully), or perhaps damaged rings or bore... He didn't think it was the head gasket, as there was no evidence of blow past into the coolant.

I forsee a bill of several hundred £££s, but I'd sooner have a knowledgeable expert looking at it than me poking and prodding it.

If it's a damaged bore, I'll be saving up for a twin turbo crate engine...

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 05 Jun 2015

Very unusual and unfortunate…….good luck with the repairs … Sad

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris Williams - 05 Jun 2015

Oh Dear, would be unusual to be a damaged bore I would have thought, but no one ever really knows the full 30yr past history. Injectors are still available so at least that's an easy fix, I have some spare liners/pistons if you really get stuck.

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 02 Aug 2015

Well, long story short, we have the car back at long last. It would appear that sometime in the past, someone fitted the nearside timing chain one tooth out, and slightly bent the inlet valve on cylinder 5 - or at least that's the working hypothesis, as the timing chains looked very new. Now, nine weeks and many hours labour later, we have a sweet running V6, and a Delorean that actually gets out of it's own way. In addition the following parts were either replaced or overhauled.

Both cylinder heads stripped & rebuilt
A new inlet valve(!)
New Otterstat (that doesn't work...)
Rebuilt warm up regulator
Braided fuel lines
Rebuilt water pump
Various water pipes replaced
Six new fuel injectors
New plug leads & dizzy cap

The total bill in the end was significantly less than we were expecting too... so I'm thrilled to have it back! Also passed the MoT with only two advisories on slightly perished lower front balljoints - so those will be getting swapped out soon for the uprated items.

[Image: 11825063_380654258795381_688522683026576...e=56381D70]
[Image: 11826070_380654208795386_580430895887805...e=56407805]

So next on the list are to change the headlights, replace that hideous added on foglight, and attend to the non functional Otterstat.

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 02 Aug 2015

Well done. Your engine man sounds although he knows his stuff.

The water pump and hoses, fuel lines are a job well done anyway as they don't last for ever.

I'm on my third otterstat switch! The method of holding them in seems very crude and could exert undue pleasure on the outside of the switch body. I'm wondering wether there is a need for a replacement length of pipe for the otterstat, that can take a screw in improved type switch say as fitted to a Peugeot 205?

Glad its sorted.

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris Williams - 02 Aug 2015

Great news, I mentioned in another thread how bad these are (otterstats).

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 02 Aug 2015

Chris P Wrote:The method of holding them in seems very crude and could exert undue pleasure on the outside of the switch body.
Very true. Our man has done a few Deloreans now, and on each he creates a little wire wrap basket arrangement, to go round the pipe and use it to hold the 'stat in place. Much better. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to rig up a proper screwed in boss in a length of pipe, and fit an alternative temperature switch.

He had mentioned as well about fitting an additional switch in the top of the radiator, apparently he has done this before with an 82C stat off a Volkswagen? Anyone else done this?

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 08 Aug 2015

Working on a few of the niggly little electrical problems that have been annoying me today. The big hideous add-on foglight has irritated me from day one, so decided to incorporate it into the rear light clusters. At the same time, the switch will be getting moved from under the dash, to a new spare switch in the centre console. For some reason the foglight has been wired to be powered all the time, not only when the lights are on - which I think is an MoT fail? So that will be getting changed as well - I'm doing the headlight switch upgrade with an additional relay, so will take a feed off at the same time for the new foglight switch. The earth for the foglight was just a length of stripped wire twisted round the nut for the offside engine mount - no crimp or anything! Plus a hole drilled in the floor behind the passenger seat, it's a rough bit of work! I've taken new wiring up through the plug area behind the bulkhead, which hopefully will look much better.

[Image: 11824929_10153420290831014_6838361772311...e=5681BB22]

Now gone!

[Image: 11058578_10153420464106014_3523043403157...e=563CE407]

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 08 Aug 2015

Thanks for the updates and pictures…always nice to see what others are up to.

i'm changing some of my recently fitted hose clamps on my silicone hoses…a few annoying little drips ,caused by the posh new clamps not tightening up 'quite' tight enough :evil: ……bought some genuine Jubilee ones off ebay.

Don't want to be running out of coolant next weekend! (50 now booked for Saturday evening meal).

Re: VIN #5124 - bjbrownie - 08 Aug 2015

Doive, on the subject of otterstat, I've disconnected mine and fitted a Triumph Stag capillary thermo static switch instead-this has the bonus of an adjustable temperature range (you can have the fans coming on a lot sooner in the hot summer weather!) and there's no alteration to the wiring loom.
I've had this on the car for many years now and is probably one of the best mods to the cooling system I've made,along with modifying the fans with individual relays that don't use the thermo switches so they don't cut out when they're needed most-some one had 'altered' the wiring loom on #10556 before I got it and they had obviously no idea what they were doing!

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 09 Aug 2015

is this the type of switch ... 232b8ec501

How and where did you fit it? i'm still struggling, fitted with my new otterstat and it doesn't work…..having to use my override switch.

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris Williams - 09 Aug 2015

Mmmm, still something I'm looking at as well. I think someone over on the DOI forum used something similar to what your suggesting Chris and had issues with it (though I don't remember what) I had been looking at this on Ebay: ... EBIDX%3AIT not sure if it's going to be any better mind.