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Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 05 Oct 2014

Stripping the door down to inspect the window, we found a QC mark from the factory - six weeks before I was born! I wonder who R.C. was?

[Image: 10484967_10152694622371014_8709883147532...d1d1569083]

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 05 Oct 2014

The doors were assembled on a separate line and it was not unusual to swap one or both doors if they had problems getting them to fit right.

That's not counting what happened in the US at their quality centres. (of which I have little info).

September 81 was when they were working flat out trying to make the figures look good for the proposed share issue.

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 06 Oct 2014

We had a request today from a friend if we could bring the car round for her son's 18th birthday, as a surprise for him. He's a huge DMC fan, and loves BTTF, so was absolutely beside himself to see us pull up!

[Image: 10624557_10152253641041184_1861250554478...331773b0cc]

However, his friend was an even bigger BTTF fan, and the birthday boy wanted to surprise him too. A text was sent saying 'I'm bringing round a Delorean!', to which his friend replied 'If you bring a Delorean, I'll dress up as Marty McFly.' So the bluff was called, and he subsequently appeared at his door with a home made hoverboard! Amazing Mr Green

Took both guys out for a drive in turn, Marty was throwing out BTTF quotes one after another - he's a huge fan. Birthday boy declared it as 'the greatest birthday ever!'

[Image: 10250264_10152253641326184_1004543775967...4075dee6c9]
[Image: 10646752_10152253641506184_6704213067993...afd7de0512]

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 06 Oct 2014

Great stuff!

To many of us, showing our cars to others and sharing our enthusiasm is a big part of the fun of owning one of these cars.

It was Dave Howarth, and the rest of the NEC team that got me hooked in the 1990's. ……..Life changed forever from that day on…….

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 09 Oct 2014

Took a few photos of the D on a moonlit night.

[Image: 10402986_10152261029401184_8083861058644...e=54C9B72A]

[Image: 10407937_10152261029371184_5372977138168...e=54BEFF39]

[Image: 10712809_10152261029411184_8018368023136...f2e895e379]

[Image: 10653837_10152261029441184_7501250371284...e=54B8C345]

[Image: 1229999_10152261029586184_10575995866454...e=54BB9031]

[Image: 10153772_10152261029596184_5732857696491...31a2682485]

Re: VIN #5124 - Guinney1971 - 15 Oct 2014

great photos, glad you're having so much fun already Big Grin

Re: VIN #5124 - 88mph - 31 Oct 2014

Just bought my Delorean yesterday. Its still in the states, but is #5127, so just 3 cars behind yours on the line. Although the past 33 years seem to of been a lot kinda to your interior! :lol:

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 14 Jan 2015

Hi 88mph - would love to see some photos of your car! Ours is off the road in winter storage at the moment, all tucked up in a nice dry shed.

[Image: 10426074_10152364773986184_3622890522155...e=55678FC1]

Re: VIN #5124 - 88mph - 13 Mar 2015

Sorry Doive, I seemed to of missed your reply. I usually only check the 'new post' feature and sure it doesn't always show all the new posts.
Well a lot has happened since October. 5127 was a much better car than I could of hoped for. I've given it a nice spruce up, rattlecan painted the fascia's, had a few bits of the interior retrimmed, bodged the huge sun damaged rip in the passenger seat, did the fog & headlights and that's about it. Still needs a couple of things sorting but it is now MOT'd & I have just sent off the paperwork to get it registered on our roads. Happy days.
Can't wait to get driving it, have a mad plan to take it to Italy in May. Is yours out of hibernation yet?

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 19 May 2015

Not just yet, I went up and had a quick look around the car today, and the winter storage has treated it well. Hoping to go up later this week and get it running. Been concentrating on getting jobs done on a couple of our other cars - unexpected brake and corrosion repairs. I hope the D has no hidden nasty surprises awaiting me! I too need to do the headlights, foglight mod, and replace the window regulators.

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 22 May 2015

Nudged the D into life yesterday evening - given our recent run of bad fortune with other cars in the fleet, I was expecting some gremlins to raise their heads. But with a fresh battery, it cheerfully burst into life. The storage barn is perfect, dry but well ventilated, and not much access or vehicle movement. All seems good apart from one soft tyre, and a slightly lazy driver's side torsion bar.

[Image: 11150863_10153233143761014_1651677538355...e=55C0756A]

Back up this evening with a new tax, er, email and brought the old girl blinking into the evening light. No problems to report, a slight pull on the front brakes, but I hope that will free up with use. I'd forgotten just how much fun these are to drive! And also what an effect they have on other people - several near crashes as other drivers spin round to get a better look Mr Green

Only small issue was accidentally running out of fuel coming through town - I knew it was low, but it started spluttering three roundabouts before the petrol station - the second one finished it off, and the last one was cruising, thankfully it's downhill into the garage! Filled up and restarted with no ill effects. Need to change the fuel filter in any case.

They're such a handsome car too!!

[Image: 11295719_10153236696416014_6470744103966...f2d502531e]

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 22 May 2015

Lovely photo, i'd like to include it in book 2 and would appreciate a HQ version sent direct to me, a paragraph about your ownership experience. would be nice :lol:

We are now collecting material for book 2 ( a companion book of the same size and quality) which will concentrate on the present ownership of these cars. It will be 12 months plus before it goes to press, so no rush.

For anyone else wants to be included, sort out really nicely posed photo's of your car, 2meg+ would be good and send them to me or And.

Thanks Chris P

Re: VIN #5124 - Guinney1971 - 27 May 2015

you can email me a copy too (, and I'll include it in next years calendar Smile

Re: VIN #5124 - Doive - 01 Jun 2015

Well that was a fun weekend.

Saturday was a friend's 40th birthday, so she was taken out for a spin in the big silver bird.

[Image: 11390195_10153257330196014_5967110528563...e=55F55676]

Today was less pleasant. Passenger window failed on a rainy day last November, so bought the replacement regulators a couple of weeks ago. Warm sunny day today seemed a prime opportunity to swap it out.

[Image: 11038786_10153261706501014_1314993140468...e=55F603F9]

The old motor came out fine, if a bit fiddly. Getting the new one in was a right pig of a job, and making all the brackets line up was total guesswork - eventually it only really fitted one way, so I assume that's correct! Electrics all proper and correct, so connected the window to the regulator, thoroughly cleaned and greased the guide rails, and gave it a go. Window promptly popped off the guide rails. Much adjustment later, and many many trial runs, the window glides up and down without complaint.

Only problem with the kit was a) the shouldered bolts supplied with the motor weren't long enough to accommodate the doubled up brackets, as per the instructions, and b) the replacement nut & bolt required (and mentioned in the instructions) to secure the motor to the door wasn't included. Much rummaging amongst the boxes of car bits had both problems sorted.

Now to do the driver's side!

Re: VIN #5124 - Chris P - 01 Jun 2015

You'r a braver man than me….I leave fiddling inside the doors to someone who knows what they are doing! :evil:

One of the few area's i'm afraid of……still got the scars to prove my early attempts! Sad