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Fantastic garage in Notts/Derbys - Guinney1971 - 03 Apr 2014

can I just give a big shout out to Mark and Tina at MK Autos in Langley Mill,
who've done an outstanding job on 'Flopsy' this week, at a great price.

Work done included lower control arm bushes, handbrake adjustment, brake fluid
change, fitting angle drive and pre-MOT inspection. And I had change out of £200,
the bushes cost me about £56 from Superflex on top of that price.

These guys do all our mechanical repairs now, and offer fantastic service at reasonable
prices, and are happy to fit customers own parts. Mark even found the DeLorean pretty
easy to work on, and showed me the work it will need for MOT, and also that my rear main
oil seal is leaking sadly.

Re: Fantastic garage in Notts/Derbys - Chris Williams - 04 Apr 2014

Thats good to know, DeLorean friendly garages are few and far between.