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RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - RH Insurance - 31 Mar 2014

The RH Specialist Insurance team would like to extend a warm greeting to the DeLorean Owners Club UK!

Who are RH Specialist Insurance?

In 1977 RH created a unique Club Insurance Scheme, reflecting the special relationship enthusiasts enjoy with their vehicles.

Owning a classic car is a journey; it can start with a burning ambition to own the vehicle of your dreams, a box of bits or an inherited heirloom. RH supports you on that journey from dream to reality.

Our policies will cover your vehicle, whether it’s dismantled on the garage floor or already a concours winner; whether it’s being restored by your favourite mechanic or touring Europe.

RH introduced classic vehicle insurance more than 35 years ago and we’re still enhancing our policies to provide the specialist, tailored cover you need and expect as a proud owner.
The vast majority of our customers stay with us every renewal year; possibly for our competitive rates or our quality service – probably for both.

Our knowledgeable broking team is committed to providing you with bespoke cover at a competitive rate.

Why choose RH Specialist Insurance?

No broker administration fees
No upper age limit*
Cover available for 18-25 year olds*
Agreed value cover available (subject to club or independent valuation)
Free and automatic salvage return for all vehicles over 20 years of age
UK & European breakdown recovery (providing you are more than one mile from your home or nominated garaging address) included at no extra cost
Multi vehicle insurance – combine your specialist vehicle collection and modern cars onto one policy (providing the majority are classic)
We can tailor the cover required to meet your needs*

* Subject to underwriting criteria.

Contact Details

To obtain a quotation please call the RH team on 01277 206911 stating your a member of the DeLorean Owners Club (UK) or email Our website contains further information and our policy documentation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The RH Specialist Insurance team.

RH Specialist Insurance is a trading name of Willis Limited, a Lloyd’s broker. Registered office: 51 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7DQ. Registered number 181116 England and Wales. Willis Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This RH Specialist Insurance is arranged and administered on behalf of Willis Limited by Equity Red Star Services Limited, an appointed representative of Equity Syndicate Management Limited. Equity Syndicate Management Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - Deloreanyorkshire - 31 Mar 2014

I have just taken insurance through RH and found them very helpful! Would totally recommend Smile

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - Chris Hawes - 31 Mar 2014

I'm not the only club member to use RH. I'm on my second year with them since leaving Adrian Flux...

Very happy with them. They didn't even charge me an admin charge for moving home/changing address mid way through my first policy.

'Modern' Car Guarantee to Beart - RH Insurance - 04 Apr 2014


Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - RH Insurance - 02 May 2014

Hello all,

We have recently produced a news release regarding "young drivers" which is available to view on our Facebook page. Please head over and take a look!

We would welcome any questions or feedback which you may have either on here, or Facebook!

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - Chris P - 08 May 2014

Just insured my car through RH'……...…..saved over 30% compared to Hagerty, who I have been with for many ( claim free) years. So much for loyalty.

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - RH Insurance - 12 Jun 2014

Hello all,

Just a quick update to announce that a change in our UK & European accident & breakdown recovery.

The "one mile from home" restriction has now been removed. So this means that our policies now also include home service at no extra cost.

Kind regards,

- Scott

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - TheOriginalMrP - 15 Jun 2014

Yet another bonus!

Unlike other insurers, I like the automatic allowance of driving other vehicles belonging to another persons party.
This is so handy, and not many insurers do this anymore no matter what the premium.

In summary, Cheaper, further discounts on multi vehicles, agreed values, salvage buy back scheme, breakdown cover including homestart, driving other vehicles cover, and flexible payment options.

I've not found another insurer that comes anywhere close.


Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - Chris Williams - 15 Jun 2014

Yes, they do indeed seem to be offering very keen prices and very good insurance/breakdown cover to members of the DOC (UK) lots of owners seem to be going with RH at the moment. Certinally 'One Of The Many Benefits' of being with the DeLorean owners Club (UK)

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - RH Insurance - 16 Jun 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for the kind comments again. We're always looking for any feedback (good or bad) on how we are currently doing. Likewise if there is anything missing from our offering then it would be great to hear as we are always looking to improve our products.

Just to clarify any confusion on the retained salvage; this is free and automatic as long as your vehicle is over 20 years of age and would be in addition to your insurance payout.

Kind regards,

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - Guinney1971 - 16 Jun 2014

great to see a decent insurance company who seem to have a 'common sense' approach
to Classic Car insurance.

All our cars are on a 'Classic Motor Trade' Policy, so this sort of policy wont apply to us,
but then we do have 9 cars.............

Re: RH Specialist Insurance – an Introduction - RH Insurance - 05 Aug 2014

Hello all,

Just on the lookout for some feedback on our offering. Is there anything in our current coverage or extras that you feel we could look into amending? Is there something missing which you would really like to see included?

Kind regards,