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HSR194W spotted - Guinney1971 - 05 Dec 2013

Fess up!! Photo on a Facebook group I'm on of HSR194W filling up with petrol
at Sainsbury's in Crawley, Surrey.

Re: HSR194W spotted - Stuart Rees - 05 Dec 2013

Recently for sale on ebay ... 7675.l2557

Re: HSR194W spotted - Horsebox - 11 Dec 2013

Hi all,

Yep that's me. I'm Mark and live in the Horsham area. I bought VIN 6042 from a nice bloke up north a couple of months ago. I'm still getting the feel for it, but love it so far. Can't believe how well it handles actually, although the accelerator is more of a noise generator than anything else! Two of our neighbours children became future DeLorean owners as soon as they saw the doors open, and I still go the garage and just, well, look at it.



Re: HSR194W spotted - Guinney1971 - 11 Dec 2013

lol, welcome to the forum Mark Smile

There are plenty of options for increasing the power on a De, so that it goes as good as it sounds Wink

Re: HSR194W spotted - Chris P - 12 Dec 2013

Yes welcome Mark, as Claire says, they shouldn't feel slow after a few tweaks.

Not only do I still get a little thrill when I go in the garage…..every time I drive it, I get a rush of …well….pride of ownership,….even after 17 years, Its still the same feeling.

After a lifetime off Classic car ownership ( over 200 cars) I've never had that feeling in anything else.