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Fuel pump x-ref? - Guinney1971 - 11 May 2013


I've had a Club member contact me and ask if fuel pump's cross refer to another car
or if they are DeLorean specific.


Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - Chris Williams - 11 May 2013

Cant help with a X ref but this is an up to date Bosch one: 0580464126

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - stunned_monkey - 12 May 2013

Type "Bosch 909 pump" into ebay :wink:

modern equivalents of the original l97 are crap.

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - stunned_monkey - 12 May 2013

I meant 957 sorry

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - stunned_monkey - 12 May 2013

'kin ell. Where does the edit button go? :roll: 957 is the original type, 909 is its replacement

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - Guinney1971 - 12 May 2013

lol, I'll pass the info on, thanks guys Mr Green

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - jamespi - 19 Sep 2013

I bought a £35 fuel pump on ebay which then ceized as it was stood in the car for about 9 months from new not getting much use. I then bought another one of those £35 pumps to replace it, and fitted it a month before the car was on the road, and have now been driving for about 4 months, and this second pump is getting really really loud in the cabin. It's so loud that it sounds like it's inside the cabin when the engine is idling. I thought it was the blower motor going, but the noise is there continuously even when the blower is off.

It seemed to start just after I had the fuel accumulator replaced. The noise has been getting louder - at first I thought it was air in the heater as it sporadically burps like air pushing through a radiator, but there's a continuous grinding chattering like crappy plastic gears with worn or missing teeth going round in a cheap toy. I have no fuel guage so I accidentally ran the car right out of petrol last night, and since then the noise seems a bit louder.

It seems obvious that the pump is about to go pop, but my question is, does it seem like it's one of those 957 pumps mentioned above. I've found a 909 pump on facebook for about £70 but it looks identical to the flaky pieces of crap I've bought in the past.

Re: Fuel pump x-ref? - simid - 07 Oct 2015

stunned_monkey Wrote:Type "Bosch 909 pump" into ebay :wink:

What's the difference between 909 and Bosch one: 0580464126? I notice a big difference in price between them. 909 is roughly $240 compared to $150!