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- Birksie - 22 Aug 2006

My gasket is a bit more upper class.
It was made from a Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse box ! Wink

Still leaks though :lol:

- Guinney1971 - 22 Aug 2006

lol, I always remember the 'Carling Zilla' fitted for many years to Flopsy.....we made the 'donut' to throttle body gaskets out of a Carling Black Label 24 pack :lol:

PS - Congrats on the new job Paul! Big Grin

- Birksie - 22 Aug 2006

LOL. Might be a good heading for a topic.
"Blue Peter car parts" :lol:

Cheers Claire

- Guinney1971 - 22 Aug 2006

aaargh, Phill has just totally grossed me out with another dose of Derbyshite humour..........

He said you should try making a gasket from a box of 'Always Ultra' as they dont leak and like the D they have wings too!!

Although christ only knows how he is so clued up on these things!!! :lol: :wink:

- Birksie - 22 Aug 2006

And maybe a seperate FORUM for Phils jokes :lol:

- Guinney1971 - 22 Aug 2006

jeez, surely even you arnt as cruel as to inflict his jokes on the DeLorean Community!! lol

Seeya soon mate,


- Birksie - 23 Aug 2006

Got my new gasket.
What a difference! LOL
[Image: 2ss.jpg]

Thats more like it.....
[Image: 1ss.jpg]

- NickT - 24 Aug 2006

did cleaning the solenoids work paul or do you still have to get new ones?

- Birksie - 24 Aug 2006

It kind of worked Nick.
Waiting for some solenoids to come through the post, then Ill know for sure.

Cleaning them out definately made a difference. It does drop into 1st briefly, but lts like a slipping clutch in first and theres not much power.
I have a theory for this, but like I said, I'll know for sure when the new bits arrive Wink

- Rich Hanlon - 25 Aug 2006

Good luck Paul, I've been following this one with interest! Just for completeness so we can find it when we read this exchange in years to come, have you got the Renault part number for that gasket?

- Birksie - 25 Aug 2006

Cheers Rich.
I actually went to Renault who are only a couple of miles away from me, and asked them for a gasket for a Renault 30 Auto Transmission Pan. I would have used one of our DeLorean Vendors but this was an emergency, as fluid was pooring all over the place!

They got one in for me a day later at the cost of £22. A bit steep some might say, but then again, what else are you going to use? A cardboad box? Hahahahah :roll:

Anyway to answer your question, yes ive got the part number. I'll dig it out for you when I remember where Ive put it. :lol:

- Rich Hanlon - 04 Sep 2006

Good Man.

I'm just back (last night) from another trip across Europe - Italy this time - and a fantastic trip all in all. Turned 36,000 in the Mont Blanc tunnel!!! - - and it seems my car has begun to develop a similar fault too! Call it premonition, but it had an occasional fault before, which I why I was reading this thread. The problem was whereby 'D' would only work as 3rd gear until the car had thoroughly warmed up, but in '2' it would switch between 1 and 2 quite merrily. Now, however, the problem seems to have grown to match yours: It doesn't bother always bother with 1st at all, and it's taking longer and longer for it to settle down when in 'D' mode. So, this evening, I've dropped the sump and extracted to compuiter and solenoid valves. Time to go hunting methinks!

Can I give you a bell at some point so we can exchange recent experiences on the subject?

Cheers mate,

- Birksie - 04 Sep 2006

Yeah definately Rich. Im home anytime after 6:30pm most days. I'll PM you my phone number. Wink

- stunned_monkey - 05 Sep 2006

NickT Wrote:I wonder if an auto gearbox specialist can cross reference this to the renault alpine gearbox or similar !

All the alpines are manuals. The DeLorean gearbox is Renault 30 and the solenoids are available from Renault but cheaper from Houston

- NickT - 11 Sep 2006

Paul, have you sorted this problem yet?