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steering column bushing - johnomac - 20 Aug 2009

Has anyone got instructions for fitting one? its the split one i got from ed


Re: steering column bushing - Guinney1971 - 20 Aug 2009

They can be particular so and so's to fit, and will sometimes require a certain amount of
grease, then a degree of brute force and ignorance to get in place Sad .

I'm not familiar with Ed's split ones tho........

Re: steering column bushing - stunned_monkey - 28 Aug 2009

Ed's split ones are a standard one with a cut though it so in theory you can fit them without removing the column, although from what I've read, the amount of effort involved with avoiding removing the column, you might as well just do it the easy way and remove the column...

Re: steering column bushing - jerzybondov - 28 Aug 2009

I had a split one which I tried and failed to fit properly.

As far as I can tell, in theory you just need to hack the old bushing out and then bugger the new one into place with a screwdriver or something. That's what I tried but I didn't get it in properly and it popped out. Ended up removing the column and fitting a normal one, but I'm sure that's not necessary if you're less of a klutz than me.

You can read about my inept efforts here:

Re: steering column bushing - Rich Hanlon - 01 Sep 2009

I got one of the Delrin ones from somewhere and fitted it by remiving the comun, WD40-ing the bush and surroundings, and hitting it with a hammer using an appropriate sized socket as a 'drift, and in it popped. Obviously you couldn't do that if the column was going through the centre of it, unless you could make a C-shaped punch to fit round it to do the same. WD definitely helps though....