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Possible sale of frame - dmcnorway - 12 Dec 2006

I'm considering selling my original frame due to upgrading to a stainless frame.

The frame is in very good condition and has only minor surface rust.

Would be an ideal candidate for sink galvanising or keep it the way it is.

Open to offers.

Pick-up only.

2hrs from Stavanger (ferry port/UK).

- Barson - 12 Dec 2006


have you any pictures, buddy? Big Grin

- dmcnorway - 12 Dec 2006

No photos handy right now I'm afraid, but I'll see what I can do with my digital camera this weekend. Like I said, it's in very good condition, no flaking epoxy, no air bubbles in the epoxy, some superficial rust here and there, esp. on the front crumple tubes.

Is your frame beyond restoration? I notice you have a very low VIN.

- Barson - 12 Dec 2006


my frame is in good condition. there's some rust on the toeing loops at the rear of the car, but apart from that it's good. I wasn't thinking of replacing my frame (not yet :p )

I was just interested in the condition of the frame, really.