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Standar manual transmission with V8? - Knight - 14 Nov 2006

I'm worried that the standard delorean transmission isn't strong enough to cope with a 350 small block V8 what do you think?

- Tourettes Tony - 14 Nov 2006

Well troy as far as i know the Ford RS 200's run the same gearbox and easily put 300bhp through
Cheers Tony TT

- Knight - 27 Nov 2006

Thanks Tony

- stunned_monkey - 27 Nov 2006

The RS00 is mid-engined 4WD AFAIK... You might get replicas running a UN1.

The problem is aligning the input shaft properly. I can do a gearset and impit shaft for it for around £2k which will make it good for over 500hp

- Knight - 30 Nov 2006

You know I feel DMCL are becoming a better company than DMCH I haven't looked at your site in ages but I'm really impressed with all the upgrades you offer and the performance options are amazing. DMCH seem a bit behind when DMCL look like they're looking more into making the Delorean a modern car.

Congrats on the awesome website and company.

- Paul O'Malley - 14 Mar 2007

The problem with the un1 is not bhp its tourqe that breaks the input shaft and the fifth gear .And a v8 has lots of torque