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Full Version: DeLorean Cars Required For BTTF Musical Premier
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I have been asked to see who would be interested in providing a car(s) for the BTTF musical premier on the 13th September 2021 (Covid restrictions allowing)!
The organizers are looking for at least 6 cars to chauffer the opening night very special guests from the Adelphi theatre to a nearby hotel red carpet for an after-show party. It will probably be an all day event to include having your car/s used in promotional photographs with the very special guests (I cant say who at the moment, but I'm sure you can guess). There will be a BTTF car at the event as well. Expenses will be covered and there will be other incentives offered as well.
Please get in touch with me in the first instance, however as you can understand this is not something that you can back out of at the last moment (will be a contract) 
After seeing the show tonight im up for this. It was an awesome performance and spectacle. I also got to rub shoulders with bob gale. The biff photobomb make the pic even more awesome
That's a great picture, especially with 'Biff'
Brilliant photo Ryan!
Loving the pics from this on Facebook, noticed Stuart Nicholls managed to get a pic
with Brian May from Queen behind him too.
Indeed, looks like it was amazing!
There are many pics I could upload, but these are some of my favourites:









Thanks to Ruth and or Leanne for getting that last one for us in the Corinthia hotel, and it's a shame we didn't quite get all the drivers in!!

But still, we scrub up well, despite usually smelling of oil and petrol!!
Great pics Rich!

Looks like you all had a great time.

Well done guys Smile
Lovely photo's. Well done folk!
Blimey, you lot don't scrub up too bad after all lol.

We expect a full write up and lots of pics for the magazine Big Grin
Really hope this comes to the US!