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Full Version: Regraining and dent removal
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Morning, living in Blackpool I don’t have luxury of living near Chris Nicholson so looking to see if anyone knows of any specialists in this part of the world?



10023 (Bella)
Folk travel..(or at leat their cars do) from all over the word for Chris N's attention...say no more.
Afraid not, the only other person is a Lady in Germany (I think) who goes around Europe doing repairs, but again ChrisN is your best bet.
Chris n is worth any hassle. Seriously, the guy is a wizard with stainless. I had him repair a hit from a corsa, had him remove any dents and blemishes and do a full regrain. Stainless wise, its as if it just left the factory


That is wonderful work!!
It wasn't that Corsa across from you in the car park was it!? Even the same colour! What on earth did the other person have to say for themselves after hitting you!? OMG, I'd be inconsolable! I can't even hazard a guess at what this sort of repair must have cost you!
I took the rear quarter and the T panel to Chris Nicholsons after dropping my 4 wheels off at Lepsons to get them refinished. They all fitted in my Fiat Punto.
(It turns out that Chris had also refinished the hood I bought that came from a pilot car).
Fabulous work!
One day, I'll get the remainder of the car regrained by Chris .... after I've finished doing the things I want to.
No it wasnt that corsa although the one that hit me was red.

Im actually surprised at how calm i was at the time. The corsa driver was an 18yr old just passed driver and the first thing he did was call mummy and daddy. He was speeding and finishing over taking another driver on the road.

It cost me the excess and the insurance payed the rest. Wasnt cheap though. Chris however has lived up to and surpassed all expectations