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Full Version: Middle East Car 11789 got it's MOT.
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So after 3.5 years of ownership. and 1.5 years of retirement, I can say at last that 11789 passed it's MOT with no advisories.
The car has been dragged kicking n screaming back to life what with oil light issues (the sender was stuck inside the engine), Cylinder head, brake issues to name just a few. Still some work to do (it'll never end I know)

My mate who helped me push the car into the garage, said that it looks a lot different to the Chicken coop he helped push lol

Thanks to members here who helped particularly the two Chris's - they know why / how.

My 95 year old Mam has gone through the ringer these last 3 months just as Covid kicked in and suffered so bad with leg issues I thought she might have to be admitted .... but as you can see, after a surprise stop at her house she ignored her "Covid lockdown hairstyle" and posed for a picture.
Spud (Kevin)
Well done Kevin.....another one back on the road! Big Grin
Quote:Well done Kevin.....another one back on the road!
Indeed, well done. You faced a lot of challenges with that one!